Electronic Invoicing

The advantages of electronic invoicing are undeniable. It is effortless and easy compared to paper invoicing, reduces the working time used for invoicing, reduces invoicing errors, enables better monitoring, speeds up collection and is more efficient in every way. In summary, it saves time and reduces costs.

According to the Swiss research company Billentis, the saving in processing costs of an online invoice compared to a paper invoice is 64% per invoice for the sender and 59% per invoice for the recipient. In terms of money, the savings were 5-15 euros per bill, in some cases even more than 17 euros. Read more about the Billentis report »

Smart Time offers comprehensive solutions for electronic invoicing, both for sending and receiving. We are constantly building electronic invoicing processes and solutions as well as interfaces to Epicor products. Smart Time is a Maventa Partner, which means we can also offer network operator services from one stop. For purchase invoice automation we offer is Medius AP Automation solution. Of course, any purchase invoice automation system can be integrated into Epicor products.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the core of business. Epicor offers great options for ERP solutions. Epicor ERP solutions offer options from cost-effective solutions for smaller companies to international solutions required by large companies. As technology, both local solutions and cloud services are offered. Cloud services scale effectively according to the customer’s needs.

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Systems integration

No system is effective without effective integrations. We specialize in system integration and have delivered hundreds, if not thousands, of them over the past twenty years.

Smarttime Link is a cloud based reliable integration service. Its features, included in the services we offer, give our customers significant advantages:

  1. You get a working solution to the problem areas of your information systems. Our understanding of business operations, combined with solid ICT expertise, guarantee a functional result.
  2. You do not need to invest in new hardware, licenses or in integration skills of your staff.
  3. You get the integration services as an affordable cloud service. We utilize already existing software components in the solutions.
  4. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and development of integration software when your business grows, and requirements change. Our professionals will take care of them.
  5. You always have a professional contact person available to solve possible problems and design changes.

In addition to our own Smarttime Link integration service, we can also offer integration solutions using the Epicor Service Connect solution.

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Solution Packages

Smarttime has made solution packages for different products to meet customer’s needs. Most of them can be utilized with a small amount of consulting work. They are also highly customizable to meet customer specific needs. You can get the idea what we can do and find the most used solutions for the following list:

Solutions for …

Epicor ERP (Epicor 9 / Epicor 10 / iScala)


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